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I Love My Website!

I was in need of a simple website and I needed it quickly!
After a brief meeting with BIG, he put together a simple yet effective site for me and my potential clients.
My site is informative, engaging and easy to navigate. Everything is set-up very professionally. I love the pop-up and calendar features.
I have and will continue to recommend his business to anyone looking to go to the next level.

Of The Highest Character!

"I've known Ken for a decade & find him to be of highest character. 

My background as a federal investigator, this recommendation is paramount!"

Commend You On Your Work!

Please forward this to the appropriate party but I have to commend you on your work with me on Monday night.

 You took the time to explain everything to me, go over my options and when needed, calmed me down as much as possible.

 I have spoken with many people at this point and with your real estate background I really felt that I got some answers that I had been missing in the past. 

I consider myself lucky to have gotten you and I can only hope people realize what a value they have in you. Thank you again.​D Porter

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Social Media Genius!

Ken BIG Blake is a ” social media genius”!
BIG did a marvelous job helping me understand social media and it’s impact on marketing, branding and my bottom line.

​I will work with BIG in the future to help take my business to the next level. I love how patient and professional he is!

I Would Highly Recommend!

I have observed Ken with his clients during home inspections and have found him to be very honest and caring in dealing with potential buyers.

 I would highly recommend Ken to anyone considering buying or selling a home.

Better Income Streams!

I could not go another minute without letting you know how much I appreciated your assistance.

  You were a wealth of information, you were kind, patient, considerate and most of all sensitive to my story.  

I know that hardship is everywhere and there are many people seeking your help.  Most people in your position get desensitized to the pain of others and after cutting them off and denying them simultaneously, they point them to the next available bridge to jump off of. 

After speaking with you, I thanked GOD for leading me to you.  After being in this struggle for three years, I can promise you, I have not faced not one person who made me feel as though he or she really cared.  

I know you feel as though you personally cannot grant miracles.  I want you to know that you can pencil me in as a recorded miracle. I am going to continue to look for better income streams, work extra temp assignments and continue to take any class I am able to take because I want nothing more than to return to you with the end result of ” I survived because you cared enough to push me when I could not see a way to push myself.” 

Continue to speak to the people as if they matter to you, because I can guarantee you that you are not just saving homes, you are saving lives. With much love and appreciation,

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BIG Is A Savvy Businessman!

Interviewing with BIG on ThinkBIGradio was a great experience. 

BIG is a savvy businessman who helps other business people succeed, and he has a heck of a plan for himself as well.​

You want to grow your business – make sure you talk to Ken and ThinkBIG!

I Made The Finals!

A special thank you to Ken BIG Blake for all of his knowledge and expertise in helping me streamline my business ideas! 

You are the man! 

I actually made the finals and placed in the business competition! Your support means everything! 

I guess now you can get some sleep since I picked your brain at all hours of the day and night!

Your Work Ethic!

Hi Ken, I apologize for delayed e-mail, but I wanna thank you for all your work with our case. 

We appreciate you taking the time in updating our files and being our bridge to our servicer.​

Your work ethic and professionalism should be an example to your colleagues. Best regards,

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He wants Everyone To Succeed!

Working with Ken has a been pleasure, he is always open for questions or feedback about work or even personal questions.

 I admire his hard work and drive, I can tell that he wants everybody to succeed and will help you get there if you are willing.

 Thanks for all the advice and motivation

He Is Always Willing!

Ken is a person full of knowledge, great ideas, and an incredible sense of compassion. 

He is always willing to help, always on the front line ready for whatever comes his way.​

We learned a lot from each other, he is someone you can always count on to do a great job with passion and dedication. 

I worked countless hours with Ken all over the country, and I must say he is a pleasure to be around.

I Really Enjoyed Talking With You!

Hello Ken,

Don't know if you remember speaking with me almost two weeks ago about needing help keeping my house from becoming foreclosed on. I really enjoyed talking with you. You gave me hope and I needed and appreciated it. I have a question that I need answered.
My question is, who signs the line where my husbands signature is to go? I have the Power of Attorney from him. Do I sign My name on his line with "signing for XXXX XXXXX"? or do I sign his name?

Thanks for your assistance in this as I am trying to fax all of my paperwork this evening.

Confident And Proud!

After meeting with you and implementing necessary changes to my website and FB page, for the very first time, I felt CONFIDENT and PROUD of MY BRAND. 

So, from the bottom of my heart. I just want to let you know…that I appreciate you!

Problem Solver!

Outstanding personality.

 Problem Solver. 

Team Player. Has supported me in my efforts with business ideas and concepts.

Showcase Their Brand!

Ken is great in assisting people in business with their goals, from creation to implementation and marketing.

​If I have a question or problem I make sure I bug him in regards to it.

I was one of BIG’s guest on one of his radio show episodes. The ThinkBIGradio Show was where he puts out useful information to those who have a business, thinking about starting one or just helping to showcase their brand or product to the world.

As Knowledgeable As You!

I felt compelled to write this email to say thank you for taking the time to explain the process and the process of working with my bank to try and get my loan accepted for restructuring.

  I honestly did not understand the process, but again you explained it in a way that I could fully understand and provided some positive feedback. 

 I wish that all Negotiators could be as knowledgeable as you.

 I hope that you continue to service all clients in the manner that you assisted me because this is a very trying time when a homeowner is trying to save their homes.

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My Second Reply!

I am not sure if you will receive these reply e-mails but I cannot stop talking about the service I received in the interview with you on Tuesday.  

I have told all who would listen that you have a true gift.  Your knowledge coupled with your customer service ability is priceless.   

I truly believe that you have done everything in your power to help me and if it was within your ability to do more you would have.

 That is all I could ask of you. This is my second reply, but this bears repeating, coming from someone who was truly broken by the series of events, I gained a lot of knowledge and motivation from you.  

May God touch you as you are touching others.

I Am Very Grateful!

Hi “Big” just wanted to take the time to tell you how much I truly appreciated your help.  

I’ve been trying to get help for over a year now.  I am so glad that the Lord sent you to me and for that, I am very grateful.

​I hope I have everything I need and I am sending everything tonight can you please let me know if I sent everything correctly. 
Again thank you so much for taking the time to help me, God Bless.

Not Overlooking Any Details!

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your help today.

 You took the time to fully view my file not overlooking any details in order to submit a request to my lender that we both feel confident in.

 He knew exactly what he was doing and how the numbers worked together. And he did an excellent job explaining it to me so I could understand it.​

Thank you,

Such A Pleasure!

IT WAS SUCH A PLEASURE speaking with you on Saturday. 

I went to your website and submitted my information for the free manuals.

 So thank you very much! 

Oh and did I forget to mention and tell you how much I greatly appreciate this…like for real for real.


Hello Mr. Blake,

My husband and I really would like to thank you for your help in submitting our request and helping us at the workshop held in Miami.

  You and your team was very efficient and professional.  Your continued help really assured my husband and I that everything would be o.k. and it should be more individuals that care like you do especially in this time that our economy is facing.

  I was very surprised to receive an appointment call from you after knowing you from the workshop (ecstatic).   This letter is written with great appreciation to you and your organization.

Again, Thank you in advance for all your help throughout this process.

 You're the BOMB. 

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