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Steps2Take Daily Time Manager

The key to doing new things and learning new systems is changing your MINDSET. The habits you exhibit daily will bring success or mediocrity.

Home Grants For All 50 States

If your realtor is not providing you with a list of all the grant programs in your state, who's side are they really on? Save most of your down payment money with a grant!

Realty Investment Guide

This is the same GUIDE we used in our local find fund flip series. Although it was designed for group discussion it is still a great resource to study alone.

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Real Estate Solutions Provider. 
 Business Building G.U.I.D.E. 
 Resource Finder. 

Who Is kenBIGblake

Real Estate Investor.

 I Provide Solutions First. 

 If We Can't Find The Best One For Your Situation, I Can Always Buy Your Headache For Cash Or Partner With You For A Better Outcome.

Who Is kenBIGblake

Business Builder

Are You Incorporated Yet?

If Your Company Is Not Setup Properly, You May Be Leaving Thousands of Dollars On The Table Or Paying More Than Necessary.

Who Is kenBIGblake

Funding Finder!

The Money Is Out There.

Being In The Industry For Over 20 Years You Meet People, Teach, And Learn A Few Things. My Network Finds Funding That Meets Your Budget!